Friday, November 26, 2010

A week of catching up

I can't believe we are already to Thanksgiving!  I have spent a lot of time on airplanes over the past couple of weeks, and as a result, I had a chance to catch up on my recent projects.

Last week, I finished the second pair of little girl socks, meaning my week four project is officially done. This is my first try at the Japanese short row heel.  I attempted this because I can never manage to do a short row heel without getting at least one hole.  Even when I pick up extra stitches, and pull really tight, and this drives me crazy!  I found I did fare a little better with this method, though there is still a little hole on the last row.  All in all, I really like the wrap-free method, though I found I actually had to count to keep track of which row I was on. 

My mossy socks just before the sprint to finish sock #2

Next, I decided to return to the week three project, my moss-wall inspired socks.  Completed sock one Thursday while waiting to get a new tire after losing one to a blow-out on my way home from the airport.  The faux cable (made over 2 stitches by knitting tbl on second stitch) tended to slow me down quite a bit, so it took a while to get into the rhythm of this pattern.  I started sock 2 on Sat. and finished on Sunday. 
My favorite feature is that little bit of yarn sitting between the 2 socks in the picture.  I completed this pair with approximately 2 feet of yarn left.  I was actually able to use up the entire skein and without pre-planning or knitting toe-up--a true victory!

That meant I needed a new project to take home for my holiday travels.  I realized I had a second skein of Lang Jawoll that matched the one I used to make the Boy's socks, so now the socks for the Boy are socks for the Boy and his Dad. 

This was another basic pair done in a 2x2 rib with a heel flap and gusset, and simple toe shaping.  A nice easy knit to start the week.  Airline delays in Chicago allowed me to complete one Monday night and a second Wed night.

This means if I can knock out one more pair this weekend, I will be caught up for November. 

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