Sunday, April 24, 2011

April already

I have been a bad, bad blogger.

2 months since my last post, and though I have started to post many times, something always seems to get in the way of finishing.  Of course, then, like with work, the farther behind I get the more insurmountable catching up seems to be.  So time goes on and on, and my poor little blog sits here, neglected in cyberspace.

More importantly, I am starting to lose track of what project happened when, and where I am with this whole thing.  One of these days I am going to figure out how to keep a running list in the sidebar of the blog.  In the meantime, I have to refer to the old list, so here goes.

I think I posted in January the toddler sweater with lace panel.  Frankly, I am still trying to decide if this "works."  The original concept was a raglan sweater with a large stripe on the body region for interest, with smaller motifs mirrored on the edging and sleeves.  Rather than use a block of color for the stripe, I went with a block of lace in a fairly open pattern.  I worry that there is not enough contrast to make the lace really pop--though it is much better after blocking. I think it is growing on me.

Now, as for February, I started out really strong.  I quickly whipped out a pair of socks in STR that was a true stash buster.  Yes, I worked up one of the skeins I purchased at MDSW 2 years ago.  This was notable because MDSW of 2009 was my introduction to The Fold and STR.  I am ashamed to admit my first purchase was actually based on peer pressure.  You see, the line was so long I figured everyone else must know what they were talking about and it must be great stuff.  Then it was so tight in the booth I was afraid to put anything down for fear it would disappear if I took my hand off it.  So I ended up with six skeins, and I have added to it every time I see The Fold at a festival.
Unfortuantely, after my strong start, Feb. slowed way down for me.  Actually it sped way up, and between travel, a bad cold, and some great indecision regarding a certain skein of purple and red STR, I am afraid I lagged on the project front.

Now, this called for some decisive knitting, and as the last week of Feb began, I did manage to pull out a "hail Mary" project, if you will.  Using my other festival fav, Tess' Super Sock and Baby in a lovely pale pink, I finsihed the Maile sweater in just a day and a half.  It is helpful that this particular day and a half included a flight from Boston to California, so much knitting time ensued.  On the flight back, I added a pair of matching socks, using the floral motif from the sweater.  I started with a crochet picot cast on, then did three repeats of the motif around the cuff below an inch of ribbing, then carried one repeat of the Maile floral motif down the center top of the foot.  I am quite happy with how they came out.  Now the best part of the story is that I found out later my friend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the very same day that the mood struck me to make this sweater.  So I assumed it was meant for her--I love it when that happens--and it was blocked and gifted in under a week.  That is a record for me.  No, not the knitting--the gifting.  I am a notoriously slow gifter.  I have a lot of procrastination issues with going to the post office.

This is getting long, and for fear of procrastinating yet another post, I will end here.  Stay tuned for the rest of my Feb. adventures and the update on March.