Monday, November 8, 2010

Second week in November

So last week's post just posted with a Nov. 8 date rather than the Oct 31 date intended.  In that week, I chose the STR rare gems in an unusual green and gold/orange colorway to start a new pair of socks.  The pattern is a modified 2-stitch cable adapted from a mitt pattern in the new One Skein Wonders Sock Yarn book.  However, a week later, I still only have the cuff of the first sock done.  So for the first time since I started this project, I am falling behind. 

It has been a pretty rough work week, and I am afraid work stress sent me running for the covers and left me not much in the mood for knitting.  Also, I am having some hand/forearm pain.  I seem to go straight to tendonitis lately any time I do any repetitive activity whether it be knitting, painting, or writing.  I have always been prone to inflammation, but it seems especially bad these past couple of years.

I actually started a new project last night even though the previous was not finished.  The new project will be sock for my two adorable nieces.  Just basic socks with a picot edged cuff made from a lovely pink self-striping yarn in the colorway Mexiko from Fortissima.  I need to make three-year-old and six-year-old socks, so hopefully this will get me back on track until I can catch up on last week's pair.  Otherwise, I might have to make good on my threat to give away a skein of sock yarn this month.

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