Friday, November 4, 2011

And Then There Were Three...

I had all these big plans for a blog post right on the first anniversary of my blog.  Then work happened, and life happened, and here I am a couple of weeks late with a lot to catch up on.

First, the Rhinebeck update.  It. Was. Awesome.

Even though the weather did not cooperate quite as well as it did last year, I had a wonderful time.  The week had started out--well, let's just say, not as good as I had hoped.  I took the whole week off because the second week of October is my favorite week of the whole year.  And the first day, I promptly sprained my ankle. 

Yes, this is a photo of my big, fat, grotesquely-swollen foot. And in case you were wondering, no I do not normally have cankles, and yes, the diameter of my ankle is usually much smaller than the diameter of my foot.

So I spent the week with my foot on ice and elevated, and basically working on my computer from home and doing teleconferences for most of my time off.  So Friday when I headed out to make the drive to Rhinebeck, it was my first day back on my feet, so to speak, and I was a little worried the ankle might not make it through 2 grueling days of shopping festival activities.

I started Saturday nice and early, arriving at the gates just a little after 8am.  I met several very nice people as we waited for the 9am start time, and I spent some time planning strategy with Ann, a nurse from Rochester, and Theresa, from Manhattan.  We debated whether Sanguine Gryphon or The Fold would have the longer line, and we decided to hit up SG.  When they finally gave up and let us in, it was like the running of the bulls, and we were glad we hit up SG first. 45 minutes in line, and we were among the first 30 people in line.  I actually ran into my line buddies from SG all the rest of the day, and it was so much fun admiring everyone's special finds.  My favorite comment--when one person showed me her fabulous purchase of a cashmere-merino blend and I asked what she planned to make--"Who cares?  It's cashmere.  Did you feel how soft it is?"  Yes, a woman after my own heart. 

This year, I got smart(er) and put together a list of patterns I had been wanting to make and their yarn requirements and I fulfilled most of them even thought I planned to only buy for 2 or 3.  But I got some really great stuff and I love it all even though it completely violates my de-stashing rule. I stayed all day Sat. leaving close to five, and spent half the day Sunday as well, and I have the credit card bills to prove it. For most festivals, I like having some company, but honestly, I really enjoy doing Rhinebeck alone.  I think it is because, as one of my co-workers said, this is where I go to be with others of my kind.  It is so much fun to meet like-minded folks and just enjoy the yarniness of it all.

Since this was an anniversary of sorts for me, I also sat down at the beginning of my week off and tried to decide what my final project of the year would be.  I had such plans when I started this all.  There was going to be one-sock week, sweater month, bi-weekly knee-socks, and I just didn't get to it all.  But when I really thought about what that one project I wanted to see to completion more than all the others, one quickly floated to the top.  Something that has been lingering, taunting me, for a long time.  So for my final project, I present the completed third sock, of the purple airplane socks pair.

At long last there are two (or is it three...?)

If you will recall, the first sock was accidentally left behind on the very same airplane where the second sock was completed and it broke my heart that the airline would not even look for it.  I bought some replacement yarn right after to make sure it was close in dye lot to the original, but I didn't have the heart to tackle the third sock.  At long last, this week it was put to use.  I also finished up the edgings on my Helena cardigan, and just for good measure, I threw in an easy pair in the Germany colorway just to nicely round things out.  Year-end total: 36 projects completed + 4 skeins gifted, sold, or otherwise disposed of = 40 skeins no longer in my stash.

So now, all that is remaining is a goal for the upcoming year.  I found myself shopping for mainly heavier-gauge yarns this year, so I am going to declare this the year of the sweater.  My goal it to complete at least six sweaters and six lace projects for the year.  I already have the first one on the needles.

So in the spirit of bringing in things I love, I need to send out something I don't love.  I am offering up a skein of Sandnes Garn Lanett in pale blue.  I bought this when I was trying to match the color of some self-striping yarn for a sweater, then later found something much better and no longer had the receipt to return it.  If you are interested in this skein, leave me a comment with a suggestion for my next sweater or lace project.  I will send the skein to the person whose suggestion I like best.  Okay, I will randomly pick from anyone who leaves a comment by next week then contact you by email for your mailing address.  Check out my stash on Ravelry if you want to see a pic (Ravelry user Kapitry).

Bye for now.