Sunday, October 14, 2012


From the second I landed in Dublin, I knew I was going to like this place. Maybe it was that the Aer Lingus portion of my travel was ever so much better than the RyanAir portion (they would not even let me knit--meanies!) or that I also managed to complete another 3 inches or so of stockinette knitting on my Strafford Tee. Either way, I loved Dublin and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. 

I started most mornings by walking across this

Samuel Beckett Bridge, in the shape of a harp, over the River Liffey

On my way here

Dublin convention center
View from the top of the circular escalators in the convention center
The convention was very successful, I had a chance to reconnect with an old friend, and there was even some free time for exploring the city.



Saturday afternoon, we were left with about four hours free time after the exhibition closed, so armed with my list of LYS in downtown Dublin, I made my way to the city center to explore.  I really loved strolling along the shopping on King street, and taking in the sights on the River Liffey. Sadly all but two of the shops on my list were no longer there or no longer sold yarn, but it only takes one to be worth the trip, right? That one was "This is Knit" in a small shopping mall behind the cathedral.  A beautiful, bright, open shop, I quickly found some local-made goodies, and after nearly an hour of drooling shopping, I finally made it out of the shop with four skeins of sock yarn but without the donegal tweed I was trying to very hard to justify.
I ended up with two skeins of Hazel Knits, one Skein Queen, and one Laura Hogan. I am told all are dyed in Ireland, and I can hardly wait to give them a try.

Scenes from "This is Knit" and my new treasures.

I did a little more shopping, and picked up an Irish crystal snowflake ornament, then made my way back to the hotel to get ready for the conference finale held at the Guinness factory.  I am not a drinker, but I have to say that was the most impressive factory I have ever seen, and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening there. 

Cutting loose with our Swiss VP to '80's music.  Doesn't get better than this!

On the flight home, I was able to relax, catch up on movie watching, and work some more on the Strafford Tee.  I got up to the 10" point, which was to have been the start of the waist shaping, but realized I really should have done some decreases before that point.  So I am putting that on hold while I try to decide to rip back a couple of inches and do dart increases, rip back a couple of inches and do waist decreases, or not rip back and fashion some sort of pleat because just changing needle size as the designer suggests will not work at all. 
Back home, a few hours sleep, and I am off to Boston for another conference. At least this time I get to sleep in my own bed :)

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