Sunday, January 8, 2012


With all the travel in Oct-Nov-Dec, I have had a hard time finding the energy to post.  I have had some interesting travel and knitting experiences, though.

I actually had to rush back from Rhinebeck to catch a flight to Atlanta.  I left just after noon, and only stopped briefly to admire the beautiful fall foilage along the ride home.  I quickly swung by my house and swapped out suitcases, then headed straight to the airport to catch a flight to Atlanta.  My seatmate was a very interesting woman who had just published a book on sales management.  We actually started talking when I took out my knitting--this is always a great conversation starter--and chatted all the way until we picked up our respective luggage and parted ways at the taxi stand.

I had been seated next to another book author in September, and both promised to send me copies of their books, though I have not received either yet.  Honestly, if I were to choose one thing that I love most about travel, it would be this: the interesting people you meet along the way that you would never come in contact with otherwise.  I was recounting this story on ravelry, and got a reply back from another author, who had recently returned from her own book tour.  During the course of her tour, she had offered up books to her seatmates on various flights, so we decided to become virtual seatmates.  We began corresponding, and she offered to send me a copy of her book, which arrived a couple of weeks ago.  It is a beautiful meditation on knitting and service and how the two fit together, and I am enjoying it very much.  Thank you virtual seatmate!

Another interesting experience was talking with the flight attendants on a short commuter flight in November.  We had a lively discussion of knitware and they told me they loved to purchase hand-knit items from a friend of one of their colleages.  Their favorite item by far was what they called "circle scarves" which I believe is an infinity cowl.  They tell me there is a waiting list a mile long for these, so I may have to try knitting up a couple.  Perhaps that will be my knitted gift of the year since everyone I know already has socks.

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